“Until We Meet in Denver: A Memoir” by Ioanna Arka

Rating: A good book! Blurb: Unromanceable. Un-fall-in-lovable. Unwanted, undesirable. No wonder your husband barely ever spoke to you, much less touched you. No wonder why you never left this marriage. Who would want you? Who’d look at you with anything other than scorn or ridicule? Certainly not your new American friend with the stunning blue eyes. Of […]

“Chasing Ghosts” by Dean Cole

Rating: A good book! Blurb: Haunted pasts. Terrifying apparitions. Dark secrets. Quentin Strange is … well, strange. But it isn’t just his anachronistic sayings and dress sense, the fact that he’s a socially awkward, book-loving loner who’s possibly still a virgin at nearly thirty. He’s seeing and hearing things. Odd things. Ghostly things. Getting the gig […]